September List of Saints

Colcannon Cakes with Poached Eggs 

Saint Fiacre


September 1

Colcannon Cakes with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce

Saints Louis Martin & Zélie Guerin

September 25

Saints Louis & Marie Zelie Guerin Martin,

the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux, the little flower

Swedish Cheesecake (Ostkaka)

Saint Verena (Switzerland) 


September 1


Cheesecake (Ostkaka) 

with Hallon (raspberries)

Basque Soup

Saint Giles


September 1

One of the Holy Helpers


Soupe Basque

Roast Poussin Stuffed with Cous Cous

Saint Simeon Stylites


September 1

Roast poussin stuffed with cous cous, served with a fennel salad, nigella flatbreads & yoghurt

Cherry Clafouti

Saint Gregory (Pope)


September 3

Patron Saint of musicians, singers, students, and teachers

St. Gregory is often depicted with a scroll with the words,“Ora pro nobis Deum” which translates, “Pray for God”

Cherry Clafouti

Stuffed baby aubergines (eggplant)

Saint Phoebe

September 3

Stuffed baby aubergines (eggplant) in a tomato and yoghurt sauce

Maqluba: Up side down Chicken & Rice 

The Prophet Moses: Moses the Teacher

September 4

 Maqluba - Up side down Chicken & Rice 


Indian Samosas


Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

September 5

 Indian Samosas

Old Forge Style Pizza

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


September 8

Old Forge Style Pizza

Tunisian Dinner

Saint Cyprian


September 11

Sweet Tunisian Bread, Harissa Chicken and Rice & Pistachio Rosewater Ghriba

Cinnamon Roll

The Most Holy name of Mary


September 12

Cinnamon Roll

Beef Koftas with Herb Couscous

Saint John Chrysostom

September 13

Patron Saint of Constantinople, education, epilepsy, lecturers, orators, 


Beef Koftas with Herb Couscous

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The Exaltation of

the Holy Cross

September 13

The cross is today the universal image of Christian belief. Countless generations of artists have turned it into a thing of beauty to be carried in procession or worn as jewelry. 

The cross is a reminder

of god's grace

Rosh Hashanah Apple-Filled Star Challah
Rosh Hashanah 
ראש השנה‬
Jewish New Year

September 20-22

(Moveable Dates)

Rosh Hashanah 


Star Challah

Catechetical Sunday

Catechetical Sunday: the third Sunday in September

Catechist or Sunday School Teachers

Remember to thank your religious education teachers on this day!

Scripture Cake

gnocchi al pesto

Saint Robert Bellarmine

September 17

Patron Saint of canonists; canon lawyers; catechists; catechumens

Gnocchi al Pesto &  Ricotta Pie with Amarena Cherries

Middle Eastern Dinner

Saint Sophia

September 17

Mother Wisdom of Saints Faith, Hope & Charity 

Patron Saint of Widows

Tahini Beet Dip, Kibbeh, Tahchin & Almond Cardamom Baklava

Dita di Apostoli (Fingers of Apostles) 

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

September 18

Patron Saint of 

Air Travelers, Astronauts, Pilots

Dita di Apostoli

(Fingers of Apostles) Crepes 

Migliaccio: Semolina & Ricotta Cake 

Saint Januarius, 

San Gennaro 

September 19

Patron Saint of 

blood banks; 


volcanic eruptions

Migliaccio -

a traditional semolina and ricotta cake made in Naples for Carnevale.

Korean Fried Chicken

Saints Andrew Kim Taegon,

Paul Chong Hasang,

and Companions

September 20

Patron Saint of 

Korean Clergy

Korean Fried Chicken

Jewish Apple Crown Cake

Saint Matthew

September 21

Jewish Apple Crown Cake

Turkish Chicken & Bread

Saint Thecla

September 23

Follower of Saint Paul

apostle among women

Turkish Chicken & Bread

Pizza & Light-as-Air Limoncello Mousse

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

Padre Pio

September 23

Patron Saint of

Pietrelcina, Italy;

civil defense volunteers; 

adolescents; stress relief;

January blues;

Italy; Malta

Light-as-Air Limoncello Mousse

Martabak, Mutabak, مطبق

Saint Cosman & Saint Damian

September 26

Martabak, Mutabak, مطبق

Cypriot Pies  & Ricotta Cake

Saint Cyprian & Saint Justina of Antioch

September 26

Saint Justina is, after Saint Mark, the patroness of Venice

Cypriot Pies & Ricotta Cake

Rustic Roast Duck & Apple Pie

Saint Vincent de Paul

September 27

Rustic Roast Duck & Apple Pie

St. Wenceslas goose 

Saint Wenceslaus

September 28

Patron Saint of Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic

St. Wenceslas goose with red cabbage and delicious dumplings

Filipino Spring Rolls &  Noodles

Saint Lawrence Ruiz & Companions (Filipino)

September 28

Patron Saint of The Philippines & Filipinos

Filipino Spring Rolls

& Noodles



September 28

Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (Angel)

Armenian pizzas

Saint Gregory the Enlightener

September 30

Patron Saint of Armenia

Armenian Pizzas (Lahmajoon)

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