June 18


Saint of the day:

Saint Elisabeth of Schönau

Saint Elisabeth of Schönau's Story

St. Elizabeth was a Benedictine visionary, who had the gift of prophecy. She also suffered the assaults of demonic forces.

Elizabeth was born in Bonn, Germany, in 1126. She was raised and educated in a Benedictine monastery near her birthplace from the age of 12. Elizabeth came to see the monastery as home, and she took vows in 1147.

With the help of her brother Egbert, a monk and abbot, she wrote three volumes describing her visions.

She served as the abbess at Schonau from 1157 until her death in 1164.

St. Elizabeth was never formally canonized but was added to the list of saints due to great popular devotion.











Schönau Abbey in Taunus and the Schönau Abbey in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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