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November 13


Saint of the day:
Saint Frances X. Cabrini

Patron Saint of immigrants & hospital administrators, First American citizen to be canonized 

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini’s Story

Frances Xavier Cabrini was the first United States citizen to be canonized. Her deep trust in the loving care of her God gave her the strength to be a valiant woman doing the work of Christ.

Refused admission to the religious order which had educated her to be a teacher, she began charitable work at the House of Providence Orphanage in Cadogno, Italy. In September 1877, she made her vows there and took the religious habit.

When the bishop closed the orphanage in 1880, he named Frances prioress of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Seven young women from the orphanage joined her.

Since her early childhood in Italy, Frances had wanted to be a missionary in China but, at the urging of Pope Leo XIII, Frances went west instead of east. She traveled with six sisters to New York City to work with the thousands of Italian immigrants living there.

She found disappointment and difficulties with every step. When she arrived in New York, the house intended to be her first orphanage in the United States was not available. The archbishop advised her to return to Italy. But Frances, truly a valiant woman, departed from the archbishop’s residence all the more determined to establish that orphanage. And she did.

In 35 years, Frances Xavier Cabrini founded 67 institutions dedicated to caring for the poor, the abandoned, the uneducated and the sick. Seeing great need among Italian immigrants who were losing their faith, she organized schools and adult education classes.

As a child, she was always frightened of water, unable to overcome her fear of drowning. Yet, despite this fear, she traveled across the Atlantic Ocean more than 30 times. She died of malaria in her own Columbus Hospital in Chicago.








St Frances Xavier Cabrini

(d. 1917, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

(Relics: New York City, New York, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Rome, Italy; Codogno, Italy; Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Italy)


St Frances Xavier Cabrini Shrine

701 Fort Washington Avenue

New York City, New York, 10040, USA

*A life size representation of St Frances Xavier Cabrini rests below the main altar of the church at this shrine. Within this simulation is a large portion of the extant remains of St Frances.

The National Shrine of St Frances Xavier Cabrini

2520 N. Lakeview Avenue

Chicago, Illinois, 60614, USA

*An arm bone of St Frances Xavier Cabrini is enshrined beneath the main altar of the church at this shrine.


Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore e Santa Francesca Cabrini

(Church of the Most Holy Redeemer and St Frances Cabrini)

Via Sicilia 215

Rome, Italy

*This church is north of Piazza della Repubblica.

*The skull of St Frances Xavier Cabrini rests within this church. It is placed within a statue of her

likeness that reposes within an urn on the right side of the nave.


Centro di Spiritualità Santa Francesca Cabrini

(Center of Spirituality)

Via Giosuè Carducci 50

26845 Codogno, Italy

*Nine years before arriving in America St Frances Xavier Cabrini founded the Institute of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in this city. Today a small museum located at this center wonderfully preserves this event. Also located here is the relic of St Frances’ heart. It rests within the convent chapel just to the right of the main sanctuary. It is best to call ahead prior to visiting to reserve a tour.

Basilica di Sant’Antonio Abate e Santa Francesca Cabrini

(Basilica of St Anthony the Abbot and St Frances Cabrini)

Via Umberto I

Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Italy

*Construction of this beautiful church began in 1928 and was completed ten years later.

A bone from St Frances Xavier Cabrini rests within a marble altar in the chapel dedicated in her name.

*St Frances Xavier Cabrini was also born in this city. Her childhood home is reconstructed into a museum and can be visited.



Cotoletta alla Milanese

Serves 4

  • 4 veal chops, such as bone-in rib eye

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 cup (125 grams) breadcrumbs

  • 3/4 cup (6 ounces or 170 grams) clarified butter


  1. Pat the veal chops well with kitchen paper so they are as dry as possible. In a shallow bowl, crack the eggs and beat. In another bowl, place the breadcrumbs.

  2. Dip the chops in the beaten egg, letting any excess egg drip off before placing in the breadcrumbs to coat entirely. Pat down the breadcrumbs well. Rest in fridge for at least 30 minutes.

  3. Place the clarified butter in a skillet over medium heat. Fry the chops until golden brown. Turn the chops once and continue frying until cooked through, about 6-8 minutes per side. You may need to cook just two chops at a time; if doing this, use half the butter for each pair of chops.

  4. Remove from the pan and place on a wire rack to rest the meat. You may want to place it somewhere to keep warm, such as in a low oven (or an oven that was heated and then turned off), but do not cover it or place it directly on a plate as it will become soggy. Season with salt and serve warm with a wedge of lemon if desired.

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