November 16


Saint of the day:
Saint Gertrude the Great

Patron Saint of the West Indies

St. Gertrude the Great

Patron Saint of the West Indies
 the only female saint to have the title the Great


Saint Gertrude the Great’s Story

Gertrude, a Benedictine nun in Helfta, Saxony, was one of the great mystics of the 13th century. Together with her friend and teacher Saint Mechtild, she practiced a spirituality called “nuptial mysticism,” that is, she came to see herself as the bride of Christ. Her spiritual life was a deeply personal union with Jesus and his Sacred Heart, leading her into the very life of the Trinity.

But this was no individualistic piety. Gertrude lived the rhythm of the liturgy, where she found Christ. In the liturgy and in Scripture she found the themes and images to enrich and express her piety. There was no clash between her personal prayer life and the liturgy.







Gertrude, virgin (November 16th)

St Gertrude the Great (d. 1301, Helfta, Germany)

The remains of St Gertrude the Great originally rested at the Old Helfta Monastery near Eisleben, Germany.

Today, however, the location of her relics is unknown. (Note: This St Gertrude is not to be confused with St Gertrude of Nivelles or Gertrude of Hackeborn.)  

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