October 31

Saint of the day:
Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg


Patron Saint of apoplexy; carpenters and wood carvers; paralysis;

Regensburg, Germany; stomach diseases; strokes


​Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg's Story

The Legend:
According to legend, St. Wolfgang tricked the devil into helping him build the church, promising him the first soul that came through the church doors. The devil agreed, and after the construction was completed, a wolf was the first to cross its threshold, thus tricking the devil. 

His Life:

St. Wolfgang (934-994 A.D.), also known as the Great Almoner, was a Benedictine monk, reformer, and Bishop of Regensburg, Bavaria. He was born into the noble class and had an excellent education. As bishop he worked to reform the monasteries and convents in his diocese. He is remembered for his teaching abilities, his oratory skills, and his charity towards the poor. He was also integral in the missionary efforts to evangelize the Magyars in what is today modern Hungary. Towards the end of his life he withdrew to a solitary spot to build a church and hermitage at what is now called St. Wolfgang's Lake in Austria. Before settling he prayed and threw his axe into the wilderness, and built his cell on the spot where it landed. A town grew around the saint's hermitage which still exists today. 







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St. Emmeram's Abbey

Emmeramspl. 3, 93047 Regensburg, Germany