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Polish Easter
Holy Saturday Blessing of the Basket

Butter - often shaped into a lamb or a cross. This reminds us of the good will of Christ that we should have towards all things.

Babka (Easter Bread) - A round or long loaf topped with a cross or a fish, symbolic of Jesus, who is the Bread of Life.

Horseradish - Symbolic of the Passion of Christ still in our minds.

Eggs and Pisanki (decorated with symbols of Easter, of life, of prosperity) -   Indicates new life and Christ's Resurrection from the tomb.

Kielbasa (Sausage) - A sausage product, symbolic of God's favor and   generosity.

Ham - Symbolic of great joy and abundance. Some prefer lamb or veal. The lamb also reminds Christians that the Risen Christ is the "Lamb of   God."

Smoked Bacon - A symbol of the overabundance of God's mercy and   generosity.

Salt - A necessary element in our physical life. Symbolic of prosperity and   justice and to remind us that people are the flavor of the earth.

Cheese - Symbolic of the moderation Christians should have at all times.

Candle - Represents Christ as the Light of the World.

Colorful Ribbons and Sprigs of Greenery - are attached to the basket as signs of joy and new life in the season of spring and in celebration of the Resurrection.

Linen Cover - like the shroud of Christ, this cover is drawn over the top of the basket which is ready for the priest's visit to the home or the trip to church where it will be blessed.

At our local church Father Tewes is performing the Blessing of the Basket.

A beautiful Polish/ Ukrainian / Russian tradition.
The Blessing of the Basket is done on Holy Saturday.
This is an amazing part of our Easter celebration.

The symbolism for everything gives such a deeper meaning to the day's celebration.
My husband's grandmother, Genevieve Kobasiuck Minella was

of Polish/Russian decent so we do this to honor her.
Her family, her children, were everything to her.

Ronny & I worked very hard on our Easter Basket, he was so proud.

Symbols in our baskets
You will notice there is a lot of red,
this is to symbolize Christ's blood

Rushnik Towel &
Willow Branches

Lamb Butter &
Red Horseradish Sauce 

Pysanka or Pysanky Real Eggs

Easter Basket Cover, Rushnyk

In the shape of the crown of thorns (bundt)

Paska Bread

Use a candle that you feel comfortable with.

I made my little one use a flame safe candle.

Easter Candle
Paschal Candle

Kulich is like Paska but has icing on top
Easter Cheese
XB means: 

"Christos Voskrese!" - "Christ is Risen!"


Ukrainian Rushnyk (Wedding Towel)

 In this rushnyk there are a number of blessing symbols: the Tree of Life - the embodiment of the idea of the exaltation of Life on earth. Birds are elements that represent the happiness of a new Family. Birds also symbolize the Heavenly Forces, they are helpers who care for the good on earth, especially for woman and for the family welfare.

Solar signs over the Tree
(stars, spirals, flowers)

are the heavenly blessing.

The red and white colors have the highest significance because it represents Christ blood.

 This rushnyk is a living amulet and blessing.


The Legend:


The tradition of using eggs to celebrate Easter began soon after Jesus was resurrected, since eggs were already a natural symbol of new life.

Often, ancient Christians would hold eggs in their hands as they proclaimed "Christ is risen!" to people on Easter.

Christian tradition says that when Mary met the Roman emperor Tiberius Caesar at a banquet, she held up a plain egg and told him: "Christ is risen!". The emperor laughed and told Mary that the idea of Jesus Christ rising from the dead was as unlikely as the egg she held turning red in her hands. But the egg did turn a bright shade of red while Tiberius Caesar was still speaking. That miracle caught the attention of everyone at the banquet, which gave Mary the opportunity to share the Gospel message with everyone there.

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