November 30


Saint of the day:

Saint  Tudwal


Saint Tudwal's Story

Tudwal was said to be the son of Hoel Mawr (Hoel I) and his wife, Pompeia, and a brother of Saint Lenorius. Tudwal travelled to Ireland to learn the scriptures, and then became a hermit on Saint Tudwal's Island East, off the coast of North Wales. Tudwal later immigrated to Brittany, settling in Lan Pabu with 72 followers, where he established a large monastery under the patronage of his cousin, King Deroch of Domnonée. He traveled to Paris to obtain confirmation of the land grant from King Childebert I, who insisted be was Bishop of Tréguier. Tudwal is shown in iconography as a bishop holding a dragon, now the symbol of Tregor. His feast day is celebrated on 30 November or 1 December. Tro Breizh (Breton for "Tour of Brittany") is a pilgrimage that links the towns of the seven founding saints of Brittany. These seven saints were Celtic monks from Britain from around the 5th or 6th century who went to Brittany to minister to the Britons who had settled there after the Anglo-Saxon incursions in their homeland. Among the first bishoprics was Tréguier, Saint Tudwal's town.



So Tugdual also left his native land with his mother Koupaïa and his sister Sève, also holy women, to disembark near Le Conquet, at the northern tip of Finistère and settle in a place called Trébabu. But he later joined other immigrants to found the monastery around which the diocese of Tréguier rose, of which he became the first bishop in 532.

As with many evangelizing monks, all this did not happen without trial. He too had to defeat one of these dragons which were to be legion in the region as mythology refers to it. The presence of dinosaur skeletons, much more numerous than today, had something to fuel the imaginations for millennia. It is in reference to this victory that the flag of Trégor features a red dragon (Welsh par excellence) superimposed on the black cross of Saint Yves, whose name is also closely associated with Tréguier.


The story also tells that Saint Tugdual having gone to Rome when a pope died, he was surprised to see a dove land on his head. What was interpreted by some as a sign from heaven designating him as pope. But it did not happen and to this day, Rome still has no Breton pope in the long list of sovereign pontiffs since Saint Peter. It is in reference to this Roman episode that Tugdual is represented with a dove on his head, in the Valley of the Saints in Carnoët. But this scene owes nothing to mythology: a dove also landed one day on the head of John Paul II while he was on the balcony of St. Peter's Square. But she was late for landing: he had been Pope for a long time.







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