June 1

Saint of the day:

Saint Reverianus

Patron Saint of invoked against drought


Saint Reverianus' Story

According to tradition, Reverianus was of Italian origin, he was sent by Pope Felix I to evangelize the Aedui, a Gallic people of Gallia Lugdunensis and is considered the "apostle of the Morvan.” According to Usuard, he was persecuted during the reign of the Emperor Aurelian. According to tradition, Reverianus' preaching and conversions came to the attention of Emperor Aurelian, who was visiting the province of Sens at the time.[4] Also executed with Reverianus were his companion, named St. Paul or Paulus of Autun, along with 10 other followers. According to one source, “the name [Reverianus] is not mentioned by earlier writers, and the first bishop of Autun seems to have been Reticius, who was present at the Synod of Rome A.D. 313, and at Arles in the following year." Reverianus may have been revered as a bishop because he was the leader of this group of preachers. He may not have been executed at Autun itself but at the site of the town named after him. According to a tradition at Nevers, Reverianus was executed outside of the city walls of that city.





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