June 25

Saint of the day:
St. William of Vercelli

Patron Saint of Irpinia, Italy

Saint William of Vercelli

The Miracle of the Wolf
According to all the sources, including the earliest source, "Legenda de vita et obitu sancti Guilielmi Confessoris et heremitae", all of which are close to Catholicism, he performed many miracles. The best-known miracle was and still is the "Miracle of the Wolf" (1591). Because of this, he is often depicted in company with a "domesticated" wolf, even in the monastery of Montevergine. One day a wolf hunted and killed a donkey the saint used for towing and other tasks. The saint then turned to the wolf and ordered the beast to offer himself to do all the donkey's previous tasks. The wild beast reportedly became tame, and the people who met the saint were astonished to see such a docile wolf.









Territorial Abbey of Montevergine 

Montevergine, Italy 

Saint William's remains were buried in Goleto, where they stayed until they were transferred to Montevergine on September 2, 1807,
as ordered by the king of Naples Gioacchino Murat.

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