January 6 

Saint of the day:

Saint Balthazar

The Magi: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.

Saint Melchior: Jan 1 or 6 feast day

Saint Caspar: Jan 6 or 11 feast day

Patron Saint of Epilepsy, thunder, motorists, pilgrims, playing card manufacturers,

sawmen, sawyers, travellers, travelling merchants, Cologne, Germany, Saxony


Saint Balthazar's Story

Balthasar, also known as Balthazar, Balthassar or Bithisarea was born presumably by calculations, around 25-20 BC and was one of the members of the legendary three wise men, mostly referred to as Magi, who went to visit and gift baby Jesus. He was referred to as the King of Macedonia, probably where he was born, and was the one that gifted baby Jesus with myrrh. His gift prophesied the future death of a king.

He was said to be of dark complexion with a heavy beard as described by 8th century’s Saint Bede. He and the other two, Caspar and Melchoir, all considered saints, arrived in Bethlehem after passing by King Herod’s palace as led by the star. They were instructed to return to the palace with the whereabouts of the new born king but as wise as they were, headed a warning from an angel to not inform the king as it would pose a great risk to baby Jesus.

Balthasar died on January 6 55 AD aged 112 and was buried in the shrine of the three kings in Cologne Cathedral.






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