May 22

The month of Mary: A Marian Month

Saint of the day:
Saint Rita of Cascia

Patron Saint of Difficult Marriages, Impossible Causes, Infertility, Parenthood

Saint Rita of Cascia's Story

Augustiniannun, also called Margarita. She was born in Roccaporena, near Spoleto, Italy, in 1381, and expressed from an early age the desire to become a nun. Her elderly parents insisted that she be married at the age of twelve to a mandescribed in accounts of her life as cruel and harsh. She spent eighteen extremely unhappy years, had two sons, and was finally widowed when her husband was killed in a brawl. Both sons also died, and Rita, still anxious to become a nun, tried unsuccessfully to enter the Augustinians in their convent at Cascia. She was refused because she was a widow and because of the requirement that all sisters should be virgins. Finally, in 1413, the order gave her entry, and she earned fame for her austerity, devotion to prayer, and charity.

In the midst of chronic illnesses, she received visions and wounds on her forehead which resembled the crown of thorns. She died on May 22 at Cascia, and many miracles were reported instantly. Canonized in 1900, she is honored in Spainas La Santa de los Impossibles and elsewhere as a patron saint of hopeless causes.







Basilica of St Rita in Cascia, Italy
the feast of St. Rita in Cascia, Italy




 Cascia, Umbria, Italy

Benediction of Roses




Eucharistic celebration

with blessing and distribution of the Bread of Forgiveness


Rose-Scented Cheesecake

Risotto with Rose Petals & Prosecco


(for 2 servings)

  • 160g of carnaroli rice

  • 1 pink rosebud *

  • some red rose petal *

  • 1/2 red onion

  • 1 tablespoon of rose water ** 

  • prosecco

  • 1 tablespoon of cream

  • 1 small knob of butter

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • salt

  • pink or black pepper

  • About 500ml of vegetable stock

* use fresh and very fragrant roses 


  1. Pluck each rose and put the petals into a bath in a basin of water, then rinse them well. 

  2. Keep aside three red and one pink rose petals for each dish to decorate at the end and some petals to add towards the end of cooking.

  3. Chop the onion finely and then cut the rose petals to the knife. 

  4. Put the butter and the olive oil in a pan and fry the onion. 

  5. When the onion is softened add the rose petals, cook for one or two minutes and then add the rice and toast for a while, then add the vegetable stock gradually adding a ladle every time the rice has absorbed the previous . 

  6. Salt and pepper. 

  7. Halfway through cooking, when the rice has absorbed the ladle of broth you had previously placed, blend with plenty of prosecco and add a tablespoon of rose water. 

  8. Continue cooking and when the rice is almost ready, add a few pieces of roughly cut petal. 

  9. When cooked, stir in a spoonful of fresh cream. 

  10. Lay two rose petals on a plate, place a ring on the corners of the petals and pour the risotto over it. Then decorate with some shredded red rose petal and serve.


NOTE: A little sprinkling of pistachio chopped roughly is a nice topping