October 5 

The month of Mary: A Marian Month

Our Lady of the Rosary


Saint of the day:
Saint Flora of Beaulieu, Virgin (Sainte Fleur)

Patron Saint of the abandoned, single laywomen, converts and victims of betrayal.

Saint Flora teaches us the importance of forgiveness.

Saint Flora’s Story


Patron Saint of abandoned, single laywomen and victims of betrayal.

Saint Flora teaches us the importance of forgiveness. Everybody experiences betrayal from their loved ones and sometimes it is hard to “forgive and forget”. St. Flora helps us all to realize that everyone makes mistakes and they deserve to be forgiven. We need to remember we are only human and cannot live perfect lives. St Flora also shows us to care for the less fortunate in times of need. Not everybody is as blessed to have shelter, food, water, etc. Another thing St Flora teaches us is the feeling of abandonment. At times, we can feel alone and think we have nobody to turn to. She demonstrates that we can always turn to God when we feel lonely. No matter the situation, we all have somebody to turn to. I chose St Flora because I have experienced different forms of betrayal from both my family and friends. At first, it was hard for me to forgive those who had hurt me in the past. I found it extremely difficult to accept the fact that those who loved me the most could also hurt me the most. After weighing out the good they have done for me vs the bad, I realized they deserved a second chance. In this way, I relate to St Flora’s main goal of forgiveness. She reminds us again and again that nobody is perfect. Another thing I learned is that, in times of confusion, St Flora can help us find answers.  From doing this assignment I’ve learned more about what St Flora represents. St Flora isn’t just another saint, she symbolizes the betrayal and hardships everybody goes through. Life is full of ups and downs and it is our job to make the best of them. Everyone has two choices in life: move on and forgive those how have hurt them or live a miserable, lonely life. This project helped me gain many different insights. I learned I need to be more forgiving of others because everyone makes mistakes. From doing this, I desire a closer relationship with God. God forgives his children for all of their sins even at times when they don’t deserve it. I see God as a role model in this way and hope to live in his footsteps. Lastly, I gained a new insight on mankind. Before, I never realized that everyone is going through their own struggles. Overall, St Flora has taught me to become more accepting and forgiving of others. 

Flora was born in France about the year 1309. She was a devout child and later resisted all attempts on the part of her parents to find a husband for her. In 1324, she entered the Priory of Beaulieu of the Hospitaller nuns of St. John of Jerusalem. Here she was beset with many and diverse trials, fell into a depressed state, and was made sport of by some of her religious sisters. However, she never ceased to find favor with God and was granted many unusual and mystical favors. One year on the feast of All Saints, she fell into an ecstasy and took no nourishment until three weeks later on the feast of St. Cecelia. On another occasion, while meditating on the Holy Spirit, she was raised four feet from the ground and hung in the air in full view of many onlookers. She also seemed to be pierced with the arms of Our Lord's cross, causing blood to flow freely at times from her side and at others, from her mouth. Other instances of God's favoring of his servant were also reported, concerning prophetic knowledge of matters of which she could not naturally know. Through it all, St. Flora remained humble and in complete communion with her Divine Master, rendering wise counsel to all who flocked to her because of her holiness and spiritual discernment. In 1347, she was called to her eternal reward and many miracles were worked at her tomb.












46500 Issendolus - France

Former hospital of the Religious of Beaulieu, Issendolus - L'Hôpital-Beaulieu